Our Story

Compton Propane Solutions is located on the outskirts of Sydenham, Ontario on a parcel of land that has been in the Compton family for 4 generations.

Compton Propane has been in the propane business for over 35 years, with roots as independant propane providers serving Battersea, ON and the surrounding area. In those days, the core business was simply, low volume propane supply for small space heating and cookstoves. Today, Compton Propane Solutions is still family owned and operated by Mark and Dana Compton from that same parcel of land near Sydenham, ON.

Mark is a Licensed G2-LP gas technician and also possesses licenses for filling and refurbishing cylinders and tanks. Dana manages the office and administrative side of the business, all while balancing her time as a stay at home Mom of 4 children, Rowynn, Bryana, Haley & Drake.

Throughout the years Compton Propane Solutions has has kept a close relationship with Canada’s largest propane supplier, Superior Propane. Compton Propane Solutions is now the only certified partner to Superior Propane in the region, performorming service, installations, inspections and set up of larger home heating accounts.

Compton Propane Solutions has seen steady growth in the last several years and now offers a complete range of Propane and Natural Gas services for nearly any application.  

Compton Propane Solutions – Way More Than Just Propane!